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Fokker DR1 and Sopwith Camel Indoor/Park Flyers

"It climbed like a monkey and maneuvered like the devil" -Manfred Von Richthofen "The Red Baron"

The Fokker DR1 and Sopwith Camel kits are slow scale flyers but can really be put to the aerdynamic limits. Designed around using inexpensive 5 gram servos and 24 gram "blue wonder" sized motors they will quickly become a favorite where ever you fly. Their slow flight characteristics and EXTREME manouverability make it easy to fly in very tight spaces. From the smallest indoor to the wide open park your sure to be amazed with it's abilities. Right now we just have the Fokker in full production, but will have the Sopwith as soon as we finish up the manual.

Personally, I really love the classic WW1 dog fight. Interestingly these two never really fought much on the front lines. The Fokker DR1 was frought with production issues and relatively few saw a lot of action on the fronts. Only about 320 made during the war (none exist today). The Sopwith Camel on the other hand was produced in greater numbers. A total of 5,490 camels were ordered, but the actual number of aircraft delivered has not been determined. The DR1 was highly manouverable but pretty slow, so the Camel pilots would hit and run to stay alive. You will find that the DR1 kit has a huge amount of alieron athority while the Sopwith is more graceful with it's wider wing span. Even though they didn't really fight much one on one, these two make for the "classic" dog fight. They look awesome just by themselves too!

Both kits are hand painted to give an athentic "weathered" look. The Fokker includes both the straight cross (as shown) and the more popular "iron cross" stickers. The kits include all hardware and motor mounts. You will need some glue and Blenderm hinge tape. You will also need (3) 2.4 to 5 gram servos (5gr servo recommended for alieron), receiver, ESC, 24 gram "blue wonder" or Park 180/250 motor. Try our combo-kit which includes the servos, ESC and motor

Pictures of the Sopwith comming soon!

Not a lot of room on the street with all thoes trees, but the DR1 flew real easy in that space.

Nick Maxwell flys the DR1 at KIEF better than me (hehehe, go figure).

Phil Adams shows mad skillz with the BlastRC Fokker DR1 at KIEF 2010 (still way better than me...)

Awesome links on more DR1 info...

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