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The Ultra Micro Pitts

The Ultra Micro Pitts is designed around the Parkzone AR6400 receiver brick and motor taken from the Ultra Micro T—28\P—51\Sukhoi. The kit comes with all control horns, control rods, motor mounts and hardware. It's light weight and small size make it ideal for a quick spin around the backyard or indoor gym. It comes in your choice of colors printed directly on the foam with UV stable inks for virturally no added weight

We have put a lot attention to details. Full color graphics includes an actual Pitts instrument pannel!

Even though it's only 1.3 oz all up weight and only 14 1/2 inch wing span, it looks and flys much like a big bird but in a much smaller space. It has a full 3D scale like fuselage that is very light and strong yet easy to assemble.

There is even the ability to put in ailerons for full house controls. (We are hammering out an easy to install kit for a nano radial servo for easy setup of ailerons but right now the kit comes with the option of using the Parkzone T—28\P—51\Sukhoi aleron servo and hardware).

My Son on the Cam at our local indoor with a little more room to cut loose.

As you can see, we were a little desperate so we tried it in a VERY small B-Ball court.


You can check out the manual for it here --> UMPittsManual.pdf

Having a BLAST?