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The RCDisc

The RCDisc makes a great slow flyer.  Slow enough to fly easily inside a basket ball court yet due to it's huge symetrical airfoil, can handle a moderate amount of wind for outdoor park flying.  The manouverablility and durability are incredible, as demonstrated in the videos.  It can take pretty much any abuse you throw at it.  I have flow away from helicopter collisions and lawn darting due to the flexability and toughness of it's Mylar skin.

It's grace in the air makes it a relaxing aileron trainer, yet it's sporty enough to perform loops and slow rolls. It has a very very low wing loading which gives it a very large payload envelope. This means you can use cheap gear that would be considered too heavy for most small planes and you can easily strap on additional heavy equipment as well.

It makes a great aerial photography platform because of it's high payload capibilities and it's steady flight characteristics. The landing stick was litterally designed to adapt a camera or other payload (I even flew a 13oz. Mountian Dew around using an inexpensive GWS 350-C brushed motor/gearbox).

*Hoverdisc is a registered trademark of Overbreak LLC.

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