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What are we About?

We used to be www.RCDisc.com, making the incredible radio controled flying kits for the Hoverdisc (tm), as seen on TV and toy stores everywhere. That started a few years ago when I won "Best New Product" at Efest 2006 and it wasn't even a product back then. It was so innovative they awarded it to me anyway. After getting the award, I felt compelled to make it a product and it quickly became a smashing success!

After many years of cranking out thoes RCDiscs and a few other kits for other people, we purchased our own machine capable of full size sheets of foam and brought all the cutting in-house for full production control.

To celebrate the new expansion, we are upgrading our web pressence and have changed our name to www.BlastRC.com

It's pretty much just me, my wife and my 9yr old son. Truely a Mom and Pop company. We actually listen to our customers because we know how important you are. Things are growing REALLY fast right now and we are getting things reorganized to give you the best of the best. We are constantly upgrading our web site as well as new items and kits, so be sure to check back now and again to see what's NEW!

  Tom Cleland
  a.k.a. Tomgofly

So, kick band and get ready to
have a BLAST!